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We'd like to preface this blog with some simple statements and a few quotes. The first are: 'nothing occurs in a vacuum', and 'everything is derivative of something else'. We're Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns or James Rosenquist (or the other Pop-Artists) to do their works in this legal environment they'd be sued for copy write infringement. Warhol made commercial art into High Art by changing the medium and putting it in a gallery. Keith Haring made High art into commercial art by marketing his work as retail. Of course what we are doing is probably not what one would consider great art, or high art or even too innovative, of course the Pop-Artist were't really taken very seriously at first. Truth be told, this is a great opportunity to work creatively and  we'd like to see where this takes us. It may turn out to be something great indeed!

That being said, everything we've done is either directly influenced by others or at least tangentially. About copying, Picasso said these two very awesome things, "good artists copy, great artists steal" and  "to copy others is necessary, but to copy oneself is pathetic." So with that in mind we'll try and not be too very redundant or repetitious, and we promise to steal and not merely copy.  

What we're attempting is to do is to work in an edgy or quirky direction. We're using the art of others and things that are both old and new. We're aiming at anyone who is less concerned about offending others or political correctness, and are more drawn to inside jokes, as well as intellectual, geeky, or nerdy humor. We really love cult classics, cult followings, the weirder the better!

If you've got some great ideas, or just comments, questions or curses, please post them! If you are using our signs in some new and interesting ways, we'd really love to here it. Anything to better help us refine our direction. 


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